Standard Operating Procedure

Provision of Support and comprehensive maintenance is an integral component. Support includes all actions necessary to ensure that a project, Solution or equipment is in perfect working order so as to maintain high Reliability, High efficiency, and ensure low operating costs. Maintenance includes all actions necessary for retaining a system or product in, or restoring it to a serviceable condition.When supply of Solution or equipment is done, our technical team provides Rollout services in strict conformity to the rule of “Best Practice”. Specifications and installation procedures are bore in mind to ensure that all functional requirements are adhered to.

Once equipment has been installed, tests and Trials are carried out in the presence of the clients and upon satisfying all the test criteria, commissioning is done. User, Administrative and technical training is then provided, with special emphasis on the safety of the user and the equipment.Global Automated Solutions Ltd only offers Solutions and equipment meeting international standards of safety, quality and supportability.All Solutions and equipment supplied are put on an annual support or preventive maintenance contract.

Spare Parts

Procurement of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) spares for any equipment has always been problematic. These spares are normally expensive and cannot be stocked in anticipation of an equipment failure. However, with planned preventive maintenance for all our project sites, consumption can be projected, relative to the number of equipment being supported, and spares ordered in due course to realize economies of scale. This will result in ready availability & lower prices for these spares.

Equipment tracking

Global Automated Solutions Ltd has a proprietary database that allows monitoring all supported Programs and equipment. These are monitored in terms of Upgrades, preventive maintenance schedules, modifications, corrective maintenance performed and obsolescence status.



Global Automated Solutions Ltd has a team of qualified System Programmers, trained at various national colleges/Institutions. These engineers undergo further training offered by our Principals in order to competently handle the various Programming solutions we handle. Over the years, they have acquired valuable experience, necessary to adequately support our esteemed Clientele.


We also have a team specifically for system support. It is a team formed of qualified personnel capable of handling a vast majority of I.T. related problems and also capable of offering both on Site as well as Phone Support.


Global Automated Solutions Ltd has an in-house workshop from which technical support is provided. Each engineer has a comprehensive set of tools as well as a computer for working as well as internet based communication and research.The engineers are also provided with cell phones so as to ensure a continuous communication loop with our customers.