Global Automated Solutions is an indigenous owned software company with its headquarters at Vision Plaza Nairobi. The company foundation was a convergence of ideas, products and development strategies that had been servicing the Kenyan market for years successfully. We are a young company with old and steady products and staff. We at Global Automated Solutions Limited strive to achieve the best results by ensuring that the customer is satisfied as attested to by the companies we have dealt with so far through provision of the highest quality standards attainable. The ever-increasing cost of Service Provision and Business Operation requires that organizations look into areas in which they can leverage quality and cost effectiveness while maintaining the highest standards possible. GASL offers such an opportunity. By specializing in custom Made programs and Applications, GASL hopes to focus on providing solutions that will match the intended client needs and ultimately result in the achievement of our client’s goals and objectives.



  1. Industry Recognition
  2. Powerhouse Solution
  3. High-level Standards
  4. Stability


  1. Performance
  2. Flexibility
  3. Expandability
  4. Reliability
  5. Options and Functionality


  1. First-class Service
  2. Support
  3. Client Input


How do we answer the changing needs of complex business operating environments? We listen, understand, and then deliver… Remember there is only one Global Solution, an Automated Solution.