If you are looking for a stock management solution that is bound to give you peace of mind, then look no further. Automan eZYFinance, having been developed over the years to a fully KENYAN application, with thorough research and development to meet the current business operating conditions of Kenya in uncountable ways.
From an attractive GUI to the comprehensive and extensive help files and video tutorials, the import and export (of different software application format) capabilities of AutoMan eZyFinance can connect to your current accounting system (e.g Sage, Pastel, QuickBooks etc) plus many other Value added services to suit your automation transition.
Giving you a “definitive edge over your competitors.” by providing you with all the information you need, you will have all the reports, inquiries and any other information needed in your business at you fingertips to transform your operations to an ultimate level.

Product Hot Points

  1. FULLY KRA ESD Compatible
  2. Full Stock Management
  3. Import & Local Purchase
  4. Invoice & Credit Notes
  5. Management Sales Transactions
  6. Purchasing
  7. Customer and supplier information
  8. Full inventory trail
  9. Extensive reporting
  10. Accounting package Interface
  11. Bar code Reader Support

AutoMan eZYFinance has a simple to use interface e.g the sales modules and even lets a user with minimal computer knowledge to use and maximize his/her productivity in all ways

Company Financial Management Chart Of Accounts

  1. General Journal Entries
  2. Multi-Currency Management
  3. Profit & Loss Statements
  4. Income Statements
  5. Expense Statements
  6. Cash Flows
  7. Balance Sheet
  8. Customer Management
  9. Accounts Receivable

Dynamic Sales Report

As all the sales happen in real-time, AutoMan will collect information and build a variety of Reports. The Reporting utility will monitor different kinds of transactions carried out by the business through the different modules of the system from the sales perspective. It is an important tool that can be used to monitor many different trends in the business pertaining to sales.

Tip: "Knowledge management is the conscious ‘strategy’ of getting the right knowledge to the right people at the right time, and helping people share and put information into action in ways that strive to improve organizational performance."

Quote: "Successful service resolution demands depth in technology aligned with the correct processes."

Updates And Upgrades

As long as you use AutoMan eZYFinace, you can be sure of a variety of Updates and Upgrades which will be available to you upon request. Regular patches and improvements made to AutoMan eZYFinace will also be available for you to download from our website www.gaslimited.com and this will allow you to have a product that will assure you of its survival and resourcefulness. All these will be done seamlessly and will not affect the daily busy operations of your business. Analysis and Report Generation is the best way to get results from the system, and with AutoMan eZyFinance, we understand every need regarding this and created the ultimate reporting tool. A comprehensive reporting functionality that will create for you any report (if not all) required, and yet, still be able to create a customized report based on any unique requirements. Its is also possible to have graphical representations of some reports.

e-ZY Employee Module

The Employee module functions consists of tracking existing employee data which includes personal histories, skills, capabilities, accomplishments, employment details and salary. This reduces the manual workload of these administrative activities as well as increasing the efficiency of the organisation by standardising HR processes.