It is a productivity tool that arms the organization with centralized weighing data, multidimensional analysis capabilities and multi-level redundancy measures and comes with an easy to use interface that exposes the new Click- And-Go, real time data access capabilities that are fundamental to any organization in the new information technology age.

Product Hot Points

  • Ticket number
  • Car Registration (for vehicle weighing)
  • Customer and supplier information
  • Products
  • Scale unit conversions
  • Entrance and exit weights.Statutory Deductions
  • Impurities Deductions
  • Moisture Content Calculation
  • Off load/Handling Charge Calculation
  • Fully Customizable
  • Multiuser and Administration Modules

Features and Specifications

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Weighing Module

cAlibrA system allows automated interfacing with most conventional weighing indicators. The weighing module has an easy to use and flexible interface that allows the generation of weighing tickets that include the following features:

  • Ticket generation and printing.
  • Automated ticket numbering.
  • Product selection. Includes flexible search engine by varying product parameters.
  • Business partner selection. Also includes a flexible search engine by varying business partner parameters.
  • Vehicles in transit. Provides flexible handling of vehicles in transit by providing Weigh-Ins and Weigh-Outs.
  • Vehicle Selection.
  • Weighing Modes. This utility provides two features – bulk and bags and allows the system to calculate the weight per bag and no. of bags contained in a container.
  • Goods receipt note generation and printing. This feature also includes a merging agent that allows the user to merge several tickets belonging to one business partner into one goods receipt note.
  • Integration engine. Every module of cAlibrA has an integration module that allows data to be formatted and directly exported to most major COM

Business Partners Management Module

In the cAlibrA system, customers and suppliers are referenced as business partners. The system recognizes that transactions involving weighing between the organization and its business partners may involve either the customers or the suppliers, it therefore comes with a suppliers and customers management module called the business partners module.
This module allows the user to store all relevant master data about the business partners.

Products Management Module

The products management module allows the user to create and manage the products that are used in the system. Some of the master parameters contained in the products description include:Product Code

  • Product Description
  • Product Units
  • Product Prices
  • Product warning comments etc.

Analysis And Customization Module

cAlibrA ships with a full analysis engine that allows you to keep track of all the weighing operations and payments to and from the different business partners by date, week, quarter, year etc. This module facilitates for the analysis of products and product groupings by weight, name etc. Business partners, vehicles by registration etc. Continuous customization of the analysis engine is further enhanced by the logistics module that allows the user to extend the base functions of the engine thereby allowing flexibility and scalability to cater for growth in the organization.
This module also covers the print template manager that allows for the customization of print templates for all reports, tickets, goods receipt notes etc. All the functions in the analysis engine are built-in with integration technology that allows for the exportation of data to COM compatible applications such as Microsoft Excel, Pastel Accounting etc.

Why Choose cAlibrA ?

  1. Payment Vouchers - The Printed receipt can be formatted in any way as required.
  2. Analysis -cAlibrA ships with a full analysis engine that allows you to keep track of all  the weighing operations and payments to the different vendors by date, week, quarter and yearly. These powerful analytical and Reporting Functions come built in to cAlibrA.
  3. Robust Database - cAlibrA weighing solution has been developed on a very robust mySQL database platform that allows unlimited number of users to access information on the system from varying locations and varying platforms such as Linux or UNIX.
  4. Paperless Office - cAlibrA allows you to centrally manage all correspondence between your weighing scales and office, thereby reducing much need for papers, while making it is easily accessible by all concerned employees there fore reducing the amount and cost of printing.
  5. Security - cAlibrA comes with fully integrated security features that allow up to field level authorization for the users of the system.
  6. Other extensions include weight deductions such as moisture, impurities etc for grain weighing. The modular based nature of cAlibrA weighing solution allows for the periodic updates to the system to be carried out simply and efficiently without affecting the daily operations of the organization.