We also offer consultancy services on various technical issues in the ever changing IT world in both software and hardware.This is to make sure that the customer always gets the best on his investment and service delivery is achieved at a faster rate to achieve the objectives of the company.
Clients approach us with many objectives:

  1. To evaluate and improve their existing infrastructure
  2. Optimize information flow and reduce the hassle of daily activity
  3. Outsource their IT support and to control and monitor their IT budgets through internal audits.

We specialize in the development of bespoke software. We provide solutions across a diverse range of platforms including:

  1. C#.Net Applications
  2. Visual Basic Applications
  3. SQL Server, MySQL and  MS Access Database Connectivity
  4. Database integration over virtual private networks

Anti virus and Security
Viruses are now a constant threat and with the Internet, a more common resource and medium for communication, they are now much harder to detect and control.We can provide your business with security health checks that will enable you to manage your systems and networks with minimal disruption and with the knowledge that you are doing everything you can to protect your IT infrastructure.

IT Audits
We provide an IT audit within your current infrastructure that looks at every device connected to your network. This is normally performed at your business premises and can take a couple of days depending on the size of your network.
We ascertain the current solution and the nature of problems that you have experienced in the past. We evaluate the current state of all your systems including; servers, printers, work stations, email, backups, virus protection, firewalls and general security.
Once we have completed the audit, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation containing a detailed breakdown of your current network infrastructure with comments and impartial advice on improvements if necessary.

We offer consultancy and technical advice for different projects based on:

  1. SAP database management system
  2. IT related training
  3. Business process Outsourcing (BPO)
  4. Microsoft products e.g databases and general project consultancy.