Software Support

When you purchase our software, our technical team provides Roll out services bearing in mind specification and installation procedures.
Once the software has been installed, tests and trials are carried out and upon satisfying the customer’s criteria, commissioning is done. Technical training is carried out for the users ensuring they are able to use the product comfortably. After the training and commissioning is done, we continue to offer support and maintenance services to our customers to maintain high efficiency and reliability of the systems.
At Global Automated Solutions Ltd it is our policy to ensure that problems are solved promptly and effectively. We have a qualified technical support team capable of handling a vast majority of IT related problems.  This is accomplished by:

  1. Periodic system updates, patches, bug fixes and service packs.
  2. Year long fault resolution.
  3. Periodic visits for product assessment and ‘Best practice’ compliance
  4. Round the clock phone support.
  5. Site visit support for escalated system problems.

Basic software problems can be addressed over the telephone or by using remote access repair service tools.

Hardware Support

When a customer buys equipment from Global Automated Solutions Ltd, support and maintenance services are offered which include:

  1. Preventive maintenance – where the equipment is working and we ensure it is working efficiently, reliably and satisfactorily to give you the best performance.
  2. Corrective maintenance – where we restore completely failed equipment.

Technical support may be delivered in different ways depending on the situation at hand either over the telephone, online by email or by physically going to the client.