Our goal is to make sure that our systems intergrate perfectly with the systems that already exist within your work placeWe always ensure that the transition between your old systems and the modern sofware applications we introduce to your company will cause minimal or no interuptions to your daily transactions and avoid duplication of duties and tasks. We ensure easy intergration with your accounting and procurement standards and procedures by ensuring that the tasks you carry out with your current application are in no way interfered with during implementation and adoption of our products.
GASL Ltd creates sofware that are designed to ensure best practice and easy sharing of data with other software applications. Our software are created with the aim that the Global Market is an open market place and our products do not exist in isolation. Our software are hence ready and equiped to easily transition with existing software application.
Most of the systems we design are based on Microsoft SQL and MySQL databases. These systems are always readily configured to accept connectivity with existing systems, and provide a connection interface to and from the new and existing systems. Also for the MySQL database, any number of client computers can query the server simultaneously and be able to receive or send their data to the server successfully.


  1. Development of plug-ins for high end ICT resource systems.
  2. Elimination of replacement of existing systems by providing applications which are able to interconnect with existing off the shelf products.
  3. We provide interconnection with existing customer process systems. E.g. weighbridges – when you buy the software you don’t need to change the equipment such as scales.
  4. Process management systems – Office applications are automated so as to electronically transfer, authorize and authenticate processes and requests.