Other I.T products that we deal with are:

  1. I.P network security & surveillance system
  2. Cameras that allow an all round view of the target areas in high resolution streams and high resolution images for super sharp viewing, this provides the client with a sixth sense and third eye approach in monitoring their premises.
  3. D-Link POE (power over Ethernet) Adaptor.
  4. AXIS 295 Video Surveillance Joysticks.
  5. Networking and Cabling equipments.

Along with Global Automated Solutions delivering authorized IT equipments with warranty we offer servicing of  the equipment with our well trained technicians who constantly keeps pace with current manufacturers information to troubleshoot your equipment and get it back into service as fast as possible.

Technicians are on-call 24/7 with today's best in factory training and instant information for efficient on site diagnostics and repairs. This equipment we service include; servers, desktops, printers.
We also offer computer networking services. A computer network, is an interconnection of computers and devices connected by communication channels that facilitate communication among users and allows users to share resources with other users. We can implement Enterprise Structured Networks which can be:

  1. Cable based
  2. Fibre based
  3. WiMax based

Importance of Networking

  1. Sharing files and data between computers
  2. Sharing Internet connection between computers
  3. Sharing resources in an organization. For instance, printers, scanners or photocopier machines.
  4. Connecting game consoles or other entertainment equipment to the Internet

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