It is still our core business. Our expertise in Microsoft Visual Basic programming language allows us to create reliable custom software applications on time which are also cost effective.By developing applications custom made to our customer's requirements, we can make your businesses more efficient and profitable, allowing you to provide a more effective service to your customers.

GASL has a dedicated team of programmers who are able to take client needs to Global standard software application solutions. We have over 8yrs experience in Custom programming to meet specific needs of our clients. Over time our custom programs have become industry  standard mass market software solutions that are used by our various clients in different fields to automate their daily operations. Our expertise in Enterprise software Solutions and broad base of experience in programming on various platforms like Microsoft Visual Basic, PHP and MySQL. We customise software for our existing products to meet specific needs of our existing and new customers. Our software are structured in a modular way and hence new features are coded into modules which easily intergrate with your current application without affecting the exixting system.

Our development skills extend over a wide range of industries. This is a list of just some custom software applications we have developed for E.Africa businesses:

  1. Stock management systems with a fully functional financial module
  2. Fleet management systems
  3. Weigh bridge management systems

Our Custom Program Development Process

Initial Assessment
We listen to the client's challenges and evaluate whether it is within the scope of our work to carry out the project. A  technical personnel will be assigned to further understand your business challenges and determine whether your needs match our capabilities. A thorough initial technical research will be carried out and to ensure that we are well versed with the demands of the client.

Exploratory Meeting
Representatives from our company meets with Senior executives representatives from your organization for a demo of the system. During the meeting, we discuss your business goals and organizational challenges, as well as your requirements, proposed users, and desired outcomes for the program.

After the meeting, we prepare a preliminary proposal for your review. The proposal outlines suggested training topics, program structure, delivery methods, timing, and fees. We work together with you to refine the proposal until an agreement is reached.

Capabilities Requirements
Once we have an agreement, a technical personell is assigned to your program. He/she will conduct a site assesment in your organization in order to understand the hardware requirements to run the system. and meet prospective program users.

Program Design& lt;/span>
After collecting all the necessary company information, the program development team refine the system and delivery methodologies. Throughout the design process, we work collaboratively with your team to ensure the program meets your expectations and addresses your needs.

The program is delivered by the technical team to your organization. Installation is done and training of all the users commences. Our team will conduct this training till all the users are conversant with the system and comfortable to its usage.

Throughout the system training and at its conclusion, we collect feedback and suggestions from the users, and company administrators. The comments are analyzed and recommendations shared with all parties. If possible, real-time adjustments are made during the training.

Based on the training experience and feedback, as well as any new company or industry information available, the program is revised and updated ready for implementation

After analyzing all the feedback and refining the system, we will collect your data from the existing system or operations were done manually we will use the available data and incorporate it into the system from where the system is implemented ready for use.

Based on the users level of understanding the system our technical team will guide them from the time the system is implemented till they are comfortable in its usage, from there phone support is given and site visits done for aggreviated system programs.