We offer a range of CCTV Security System to suite our customers specification e.g. normal atmospheres, high temperatures areas, explosive areas, dust rated areas etc. The CCTV Surveillance Cameras can be used in industrial plants to observe certain processes enabling operations to be monitored and controlled from a control room. The recorded data that is displayed on monitors makes the entire process easy and hassle free.
CCTV Cameras are used in crime prevention in banks, government establishments and other organizations. The cameras are used to record occurrences and when there is a crime, the sequence of events can be studied later on. Cameras can also be used to monitor the flow of traffic. These cameras can be placed in a manner that they can capture the number plates of passing cars.


  1. Remote and secure access to live and recorded video - Network cameras can be accessed at any time from any networked device, ensuring cost efficient and flexible video management.
  2. Sharper images for reliable identification - The cameras are of high resolution and hence produce superior image quality which enables the user to more closely follow details and changes in images. In addition, many network cameras use progressive scan to minimize motion blur.
  3. Powerful event management with intelligent video - Systems with network cameras can automatically look for and act upon different events and threats. This drastically reduces staff workload, lowers bandwidth and storage requirements, and enables more reliable and effective video surveillance.
  4. Scalable, easy to integrate and future proof - Network cameras, based on an open technology platform, can be easily integrated into other systems such as access control or point of sales, allowing for continued expansion and increased functionality.
  5. Lower total cost of ownership - The network cameras work with standard I.P networks, computers and servers, and support Power over Ethernet, to ensure substantial savings in installation, management and equipment costs.

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