Features and Specifications

The features and specifications of cAlibrA which also double as the advantages, have always given our customers an edge over their competition are explained as below.

1. Multiple Bridges with 24 Hr Operations

  • The system is designed around the robust MySQL Database Server which, is a software that delivers a very fast, multi-threaded, multi-user SQL1 database server. It is intended for mission-critical, heavy-load production systems which is just our intention for your company.Ideally, it is a database that will run in the host Computer for as long as intended.
  • Based on the MySQL Database, any number of client computers can query the server simultaneously and be able to receive or send their data to the server successfully.

2. High speed Data processing

  • As specified in the minimum system requirements, the network installations have to be tested by our technical team and an affirmation that the traffic throughput is as per our approval because it is the backbone of the client – Server connectivity.

3. Connectivity Redundancy

  • cAlibrA ships with a Database redundancy mechanism that works by constantly synchronizing data between the central server and Client machine.
  • In the event of Server breakdown, or Network failure, the local database residing in the Client Machine automatically takes over and allow the operator to continue with his work at his normal speed and functionality.
  • cAlibrA will then transmit the data and Synchronize with the network server as soon as connectivity resumes and automatically perform a cross reference to check for data consistency.

4. Easy to use and minimal operator activities

  • cAlibrA has been designed with a Graphical User Interface (GUI) that is attractive and appealing to the eye, and at the same time envisages a click and go application. This is in such a way that the user will click and select whichever item he wants as cAlibrA automatically move the cursor to the next field for him/her.

5. Data security and integrity

  • cAlibrA has been designed as close to windows as possible from the authorization point of view.
  • It also has its own system - cAlibrA Authorization management system, a role based security assignment, which will assign specific rights to users and ensure superior Data and Application Rights security at all times.
  • It offers role based security and authorizations for users. i.e. users are only able to access modules of the system that they have authorizations for.
  • The Drill down structure of cAMS allows the system administrator to assign access rights for multiple zones within any module.
  • cAMS assignment procedures are dynamic enough to be issued based on any Organization Structure Levels for conversions to security levels.

6. Integration with most management systems and ERP’s

  • cAlibrA is a typical COM based system with inward and outward integration mechanisms with other COM based applications.
  • It thus allows importations, exportations and integration with 3rd Party systems via our versatile communication bridge.
  • cAlibrA has currently been tested with various accounting systems and the common Microsoft Office applications and has proven seamless performance.

7. Minimum Specifications Server

  • Windows 2000 Professional or Higher operating System
  • Pentium 4, 2.0Ghz or Higher Processor
  • 512MB RAM1GB of Free HDD space
  • Monitor with 800 x 600 resolution Depth10/100Mbps NIC

8. Minimum Specifications Client PC

  • Windows 2000 Professional or Higher (Windows XP Professional SP2 Recommended)
  • Pentium 4, 2.0Ghz or Higher Processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • 40MB of Free HDD space
  • Monitor (800x600 resolution recommended)
  • 10/100Mbps NIC
  • RS 232 Serial Port
  • Printer Port

9. Weighbridge Hardware Specifications

  • Windows 2000 Professional or Higher (Windows XP Professional SP2 Recommended)
  • Pentium 4, 2.0Ghz or Higher Processor
  • 256MB RAM
  • 40MB of Free HDD space
  • Monitor (800x600 resolution recommended)
  • 10/100Mbps NIC

10. Core Design

  • cAlibrA utilizes Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) for the front end programming and coding applications and hence made to be able to integrate with most other applications with ease, at the same time giving the powerful expectations that VB provide.
  • It has been designed around a Powerful Robust and Reliable MySQL Database as the Back end, which is GASL’s preferred Database platform.
  • It can be configured to use various other Database and is able to run on Microsoft SOL, SAP DB and Oracle beside MySQL.
  • The customer has to meet the cost of the Licenses for the Database of his choice and all the obligations contained therein as specified by the software vendor.
  • The Baykon and Citizen digital indicators that have been approved and certified by Ministry of Trade and Industry (Department of Weights and Measures) are utilized in most of the current cAlibrA weighing solutions
  • Dot Matrix, and Thermal Printers are also the preferred document output devices for their robust and efficient operations based on the stationery commonly utilized.

11. Database Redundancy

  • cAlibrA has a Built in Data Back-Up system and uses Check sum to store blocks of Data for redundancy purposes to be used to rebuild Data for Disaster recovery procedures.
  • This has been designed to constantly check and back up selected character blocks from the set of data that is constantly arriving to the server for storage. With this technology, exclusively designed by GASL, you will have a peace of mind to rest assured knowing that your data ca be at your desk whenever needed.
  • cAlibrA also has a built in back-Up system for scheduled and manual back ups.

12. System Security

  • cAlibrA requires a registration code which has to be provided by GASL to allow both the Server and client applications to be installed to any computer.
  • The registration code is machine specific and will only allow the cAlibrA application to run on one machine for each code.
  • This ensures that the application cannot be stolen and installed to another computer without permission.
  • Data encryption is possible for all cAlibrA installations and can be installed on request, although this has a drawback of slowed operations but will ensure utmost security and avoid unwanted and unexpected  data interceptions.

13. Presence of Surveillance Cameras

  • They help the people at the weighbridge to know the registration number of the vehicle on the weighbridge without moving close to the vehicle.
  • The camera at the top, back and front help to know if the vehicle on the weighbridge is carrying extra luggage as it is being weighed.
  • The cAlibrA system saves the pictures captured by the cameras for future reference by the weighbridge operators and the administration.